Jensen Motor Car Company - Technical
Despite having owned more of these cars than he can remember Ross from Ross A Hockley Autos still believes that they are the best of the affordable, and day to day useable 70's true sports car. "If you get a good one they're great: if you get bad one they're the biggest heap in the world."

The Jensen Healey's most controversial piece of technology is its twin cam Lotus power plant developing around 145 HP from 2 litres, with standing times in the low 16 sec. bracket. Early English press reports were fairly savage towards, what were items that today's manufactures would rectify under warranty.

Engine rebuilds are no more expensive than some of our current tin top boxes but we recommend regular oil changes as the best preventive maintenance, especially if the car is only used for short journeys. The rest of the drive train, early cars having a four speed box whilst later had a Getrag 5 speed presents no mayor problems, along with brakes and the Lucas wiring system.

On to the bodywork the Healey suffers rust like all other 70's cars with replacement panels in stock in Sydney. The sills for instance are four panels welded together to form an extremely strong support member to strengthen the shell. Some "restorers" simply patch the easy to get at outer panel and disregard the centre-hidden section. In most cases it is easier to do the job properly in the first place than to have the rust return or risk the strength of the car being compromised. Lower guards and floor areas also need to be carefully checked as filler or proof coat will cover a multitude of sins.

If you are looking for a car to buy have a full body and mechanical inspection and aim for a good sound vehicle rather than one that looks shinny. Replacement parts are readily available most being ex-stock from Ross in Sydney or he will source them for you. Cars are currently selling from $5 000 for a sound restoration project to $20 000 for a near concourse example.